Our company

Be the preferred partner for cutting-edge technologies enabling flexible, integrated and more-autonomous avionics systems to make aviation safer, greener & more efficient

We are Cobham Aerospace Communications

Cobham Aerospace Communications provides innovative solutions for both civil and military aviation.

We design, produce, and support aircraft avionics systems at the cutting edge of technological development. Every product combines high performance, ease of use, and reliability, with an optimized footprint (dimensions, weight, wiring required, energy consumption, drag). We guarantee simple integration and interoperability with other equipment. 

Our group is built on a unique tradition of industrial excellence developed alongside the renowned companies that have joined us over the years:

  • Air Précision, GTE, Team, SMS, Nec Aero, and Chelton Antennas in France
  • Thrane & Thrane in Denmark and the United States
  • Comant Industries in the United States
  • Satori Air Services in Canada
  • Omnipless in South Africa

Each of our business segments integrates this solid know-how which is recognized by our clients. We manage the technological components and their integration in on-board systems, enabling us to provide avionics solutions that correspond to our clients’ needs.  

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We are an international company with headquarters in Rungis (Paris), France and operate multiple sites in France, the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Denmark, with sales offices in Singapore, China, and India.

 ProductionR&DSales, support & services, offices
Rungis – France✔ (siège)
Dourdan – FranceAntennas, Lighting, HMI
Troyes – FranceAudio/radio, Satcom, Clocks
Toulouse – France
Cape Town – Afrique du SudSatcom
Fullerton – États UnisAntennas
Lyngby – Danemark
Montreal – Canada
Shanghai – China
Bangalore – India
Singapour – Singapour

Our Partners

Our unique technologies have enabled us to build unique and lasting partnerships with many of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial and regional aircraft; business jets; general aviation aircraft; military trainer, transport, and fighter aircraft; helicopters; and drones. 

We work in a spirit of partnership to:

> Equip aircraft on the production line (line-fit)

> Improve aircraft already in operation (retrofit, modify, upgrade)

> Maintain aircraft by supplying spare parts and repair services

  1. We supply systems or equipment to almost all of the world’s commercial aircraft programs, and are tier 1 suppliers to all of the world’s commercial aircraft manufacturers.
(non-exhaustive list)
  1. All airlines are equipped with our equipments on their narrow- and wide-bodies.

    100% of the wide-bodies and 70% of the narrow-bodies are equipped with a system from Cobham Aerospace Communications
  1. Our Defense customers include major defense primes and defense forces all over the world.

A platform (fixed-wing, helicopter or UAV) equipped with a Cobham Aerospace Communications system takes-off every

4 seconds

Key figures 2022

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civil sales


defense sales


of our turnover spent in R&D each year


Production sites


R&D Centers







200 m$ sales

Our systems fly all over the world

Our History


1923 - 1989

NEC Aero was founded in 1923. The company manufactured general use lighting before specializing in aviation in 1960. Air Précision, which specialized in navigation instruments and consumables for electric signal transmission, was founded in 1946. TEAM was created in 1955, in Rungis. 

> Each of these entities became the basis for a Cobham Aerospace Communications product offer.

The next step, with antennas

1989 – 2001

The acquisition of Air Précision in Plessis Robinson, marked the beginning of the Cobham Aerospace Communications adventure. The dynamic aviation industry soon stimulated other SME takeovers, including Rayan in Dourdan in 1994. The Yvelines-based company manufactured signal transmission and reception antennas. Rayan became Chelton Antennas, which then became Cobham Aerospace Communications Dourdan which took over California-based Comant Industries.  

The audio - radio turning point


Cobham Aerospace Communications acquired the Parisian SME TEAM, specialized in aircraft avionics systems. This marked the launch of our audio and radio management activity. Cobham Aerospace Communications was now equipped not only with an audio and radio management R&D facility in Rungis but also with a production unit in Troyes, GTE (Groupement Troyen Electronique). 

2001 was also when Cobham Aerospace Communications reinforced its North American presence with the founding of Satori Air Services, which was based in Canada and managed all the after-sales services for the Americas.

SATCOM and lighting

2002 - 2010

Cobham Aerospace Communications diversified its activity when it integrated Omnipless in Cape Town, South Africa. The Group was now developing SATCOM systems and antennas.

In 2004, the acquisition of NEC Aero established Cobham Aerospace Communications on the lighting and HMI markets. In 2010, NEC Aero merged with Société de Marquage et Signalisation (SMS).

Change in scale

since 2020

ADVENT INTERNATIONAL became owner of the Cobham Group and, consequently, Cobham Aerospace Communications became an autonomous entity – Cobham Aerospace Communications Aerospace SAS – with its own Board of Directors and Executive Committee, which now supervised the operations of Cobham Aerospace Communications. The Cobham Aerospace Aps entity was launched in Denmark. The Fullerton site, which was included in the scope of Cobham Aerospace Communications mid-2020, became the principal site for American clients, for all product lines. In 2021-2022, a major reorganization optimized the activities:

> Lighting and Human-Machine Interface activities were transferred to Dourdan, Troyes, and Rungis

> The clocks activity was moved to Rungis and Troyes

> SATCOM production activities were transferred from Denmark to South Africa

2023 marked the launch of a Cobham Aerospace Communications site in Toulouse dedicated to engineering and sales. A new R&D facility opened in Denmark. The offices in China, India and Singapore ensure worldwide Cobham Aerospace Communications and customer support coverage.