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Deliver reliable, adaptive, innovative and advanced audio/radio management, satellite communication, antennas and lights to our military and commercial customers


Advanced audio/radio management systems, to interact with the exterior or interior environment of the aircraft.


A unique combination of antennas and Satcom transceiver technologies, aimed at civil and military actors.


A very wide and innovative range of antennas, to cover communication, security and navigation functions.


Tailor-made solutions for on-board lighting, interior or exterior, with the latest generation optical and LED technologies.


A variety of high-tech electronic clocks, with the pinpoint accuracy of GPS and downgrade security.


HMI solutions with high-level intelligent and ergonomic architectures, to satisfy complex environments.

Who are we ?

Our world-class aeronautics group is recognized for providing the most cutting-edge avionics solutions, thanks to our R&D resources, our technological leadership and the relationships forged with aeronautical players.

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Our clients & references

We work with commercial aerospace and defense manufacturers, business jets, general aviation aircraft, manufacturers of military training, transport and combat aircraft, helicopters and drones.

Our management team

Valuable men and women with best-in-class academic track record. All of them have significant experience and expertise in the aerospace/defense sector.

What are our markets ?

Our group offers products for civil and military applications. Our activities extend to all types of aviation, military included, to the helicopter segment and up to the emerging activity of new air mobility.


Commercial aviation

Our systems are mounted on the main regional and commercial aviation platforms, for use by all operators.


Military aviation

Armed Forces, aircraft manufacturers and Defense equipment manufacturers use our reliable and high-performance solutions, in all operational conditions.



Our connectivity, communication and lighting solutions now equip all types of helicopters on the market.


Business jets

All business jet models carry our avionics products, necessary for the needs of both crew and passengers.


General aviation

A large proportion of general aviation aircraft benefit from our solutions dedicated to the comfort and safety of crews and passengers.


New air mobility

We work with emerging market players to offer new certified solutions adapted to new platforms.

Our technological leadership

Our group develops unique technologies, relying on a team of more than 200 high-level engineers. Each family of products is constantly evolving, in order to offer the best performance to our customers.


Join us

Innovate, work as a team and deliver for the satisfaction of our customers are key words within Cobham Aerospace Communication. It is also an opportunity to put your talents to use on operational missions and to develop your skills quickly.