Audio – Radio management

We design and manufacture one of the most advanced families of audio and radio management systems in the aviation industry. Our products are geared towards both civilian and military applications. Our high-quality systems offer the best combination of performance, reliability, weight, and security, ensuring easy interaction with the aircraft’s external (air traffic, control tower, ground crew) and internal (flight crew, loadmaster, passengers) environments. 

Our French centers of excellence carry out system engineering, component design, and system testing. Industrialization and integrated production – including electronic board assembly – of our systems take place at our Troyes (France) site and human-machine interfaces are produced at our Dourdan (France) site.

Our digital audio-radio management systems equip Airbus narrow-body and long-range aircraft as linefit standard. Other flagship programs at ATR or Bombardier are also equipped with our systems, delivering unparalleled performance in terms of reliability, safety, and weight. We also offer SELCAL units (16 letters and 32 letters), a complete range of additional small audio-radio units for the cockpit, and cabin communication systems which equip several flagship programs.

We are a leader in audio-radio management systems for military applications. These systems comply with the safety and cyber security requirements of all the international standards, the NATO standards in particular.

Our systems can be found on the flagship aircraft of the Defense sector, such as the he Fighters from Dassault Aviation, the helicopters (for example Airbus helicopters H160 HIL, the Embraer C 390, or Airbus A400M). We also offer SELCAL units (16 letters and 32 letters) as well as a complete range of additional small audio-radio units for the cockpit.