Internal and external lighting

Cobham Aerospace Communications provides custom solutions for internal and external aircraft lighting issues. We intervene on all types of platform (aircraft, helicopters, drones) for civilian, military, and government applications.

With our technical resources, we can manage any lighting project, from nose to tail – external, utility, dome, spot, servicing, emergency lighting, cabin panels, cockpit – including harsh environments, with the same objectives of comfort and reliability. 

Our capabilities include embedded software programs and complex computer programming. We rely on cutting-edge optics design and the latest generation of LED technology.

We offer a complete range of internal cockpit panel lighting.

Always attentive to client needs, we integrate our lighting solutions in cockpits with the visual comfort of pilots in mind. The lamps can be gradual dimming, adjustable beam, mounted on dual feeder lines for normal/emergency lighting. They can be mounted with twisted, plug-in, ball joint or gooseneck cables.

Lighting solutions tailored to suit military type flight conditions are also being developed. They make it possible, including in night vision navigation, to offer search & rescue, surveillance activities, and medical evacuations. Our investment in the latest LED technologies also ensures night vision at the highest military standard (MIL-STD-3009).

Utility lights

Map lights

Dome lights

Spot lights

Storm light

Reading lights

Instrument Panel Indirect Lighting

We use our expertise in cabin lighting to design and manufacture a broad range of lamps geared towards ensuring passenger comfort and safety at all times.

The latest LED technologies and advanced interface capabilities ensure that we can provide the most efficient lighting solutions for reading, seeing, and moving around inside the aircraft.  

In terms of safety at Cobham Aerospace Communications offers emergency lighting systems, for both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Our systems feature a single interface that is easy to handle, use, maintain, and customize.

Spot lights

Reading lights

Emergency signs (running man pictogram, double laguages)

Cabin signs (Wifi, Toilet occupied, …)

Our catalogue of aviation lighting systems also includes solutions for enhancing ground services.

Our effective and robust lighting equipment and solutions help perform maintenance tasks and ground services rapidly and with all the required safety.

Cargo lights

Servicing lights

Stairway lights

Hand inspection light

Our group is a world leader in the design and production of all external lighting for both civilian and military aircraft.

Our family of products, based on the LED design and customizable, meets all the strictest requirements (FAR 25), including for special missions.

Navigation light

Anti-collision light

Logo light

Taxi and landing lights

Landing light Dual mode

In terms of helicopter programs, Cobham Aerospace Communications is dedicated to producing next generation lighting, called NOD (New Optical design). We rely on LED technologies and our knowledge of avionics connectivity, from the optical to software, from the hardware to simulations.

Our searchlight solutions improve the exchange with the pilot as well as performance of their duties. Every type of helicopter mission can be undertaken with these lighting solutions, both in white light and infra-red mode. This equipment includes certain built-in functions, such as pointing and monitoring of the drop zone or signal lights on lift-off areas.

Search Light Par 64

Search and Landing Par 46

The LED rotor tip light system was designed for the highest performance helicopters on the market to provide the necessary safety during ground operations, formation flights at night, and bad weather conditions.  

Rotor tip light