Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)

We have offered custom HMI solutions to the aviation industry for decades. Their smart architecture and ergonomics provide best-in-class product performance while meeting the requirements of flight safety and end-user comfort.

Cobham Aerospace Communications provides solid engineering skills and its knowledge in the fields of mechanics, electronics, and optics to every client partner. Our client-focused approach to design contributes to key operational improvements in weight reduction, greater component integration, and lower energy consumption.

Cobham Aerospace Communications has significant expertise in designing and manufacturing front panels for cockpits.

Depending on client expectations, the panels integrate captions and markings with backlighting or indicator lights. All our configurations take brightness and contrast into consideration, for optimal readability.

We can also define numerous hardware designs, such as the PWM interface for managing backlight intensity and adapt photo sensors for brightness control, the 12C bus, or the analogue interface.

Thanks to our expertise in LED technologies with filtering, our group provides high-performance HMI (Human-Machine Interface) solutions to ensure optimal flight conditions for the military when pilots use night vision goggles. This is especially the case for search & rescue, border control, and medical assistance missions.

Cobham Aerospace Communications has the recognized expertise and extensive engineering skills required for developing custom control panels, according to an architecture aligned with our clients’ requirements. Our certifications include command of complex hardware (DO-254) and embedded software (DO-178).

With their extensive knowledge, Cobham Aerospace Communications teams can address a wide range of requirements when it comes to control panels. This is notably the case when it concerns integrating and managing HMI with silicone-membrane type keyboards, display units (LCD, AMLCD, LED), switches (rocker, rotary), or pushbuttons. This also concerns analogue and complex equipment (microprocessor, EPLD, etc.), as well as various communication interfaces (RS422, ARINC digital bus, etc.) with versatile and configurable functionalities. Our products meet DO-160, MIL-STD-810, and MIL-STD-461 standards, in order to adapt to all platform types.

Our group has developed smart solutions specifically dedicated to cabin applications. We offer management environments with LED-backlit symbols, which enhance cabin crew performance of a wide variety of in-flight tasks.

User experience is a priority and is based on carefully designed touch screen controls which bring user-focused efficiency and user-friendliness to the cabin fittings market.