Aircraft clocks

Cobham Aerospace Communications offers a wide range of high-tech airborne electronic clocks. With close to 80 years of experience to work with, we design and manufacture high performance, robust, and secure aircraft clocks. Aircraft manufacturers, air forces, and system integrators rely on our electronic clocks to equip aircraft avionics systems. They have an extremely accurate GPS and are renowned for their reliability and reading comfort. 

Our electronic clocks meet the most demanding flight specifications and the most stringent client requirements. They provide an accurate time reference and all the security required for flights in abnormal conditions.

Our range of electronic clocks, one of the most comprehensive on the market, meets the highest performance standards while offering all the expected functions.

Available in two sizes - 2 or 3 ATI - our clocks adapt to the space constraints that exist on all aircraft panels. Already known for their readability, our clocks are actually very easy to use and offer a variety of features including a wide-viewing angle and a day/night automatic dimmable backlight.

This equipment is an integral part of the avionics system, providing accuracy through GPS synchronization and all the security required in degraded flight mode. Even when GPS is unavailable, our clocks are designed to provide an accurate time reference for use by the avionics system. 

Tailored design means our clocks can be used with night vision goggles. An optional internal battery can also be included to ensure accurate time is kept in the event of external power loss.



3 ati nvis aircraft clock