Our markets

Supplier of all aeronautical market segments, for civil and military

Our activities address commercial and regional aviation, general aviation, the military sector, the helicopter segment and new air mobility players.


Cobham Aerospace Communications has long-standing relationships with all the commercial air transport market stakeholders, whether they are aircraft manufacturers, avionics integrators, distributors, lessors or airlines.

Our products and avionics systems are mounted on the principal regional and commercial aviation platforms (Airbus, Boeing, and Comac in narrow-body and wide-body). We help our clients resolve their connectivity, communication/navigation, and lighting issues while also managing any associated performance requirements (weight, consumption, reliability, cyber security level, etc.). We design turnkey and tailored products adapted to the specific architectures of each platform.

Cobham Aerospace Communications provides full maintenance services for installed systems. Our worldwide presence guarantees component availability and very short response times

Military aircraft

Our group is an historic partner of armed forces, aircraft manufacturers, integrators and equipment manufacturers in the Defense sector. From Dassault Aviation to Boeing Defense, Lockheed Martin, and General Atomics, our connectivity, communication, and lighting solutions meet the stringent requirements of the military sector. 

We equip a wide range of military aircraft – fixed-wing or rotary, manned or unmanned – to ensure the success of the most demanding and diversified missions: special operations, transport, surveillance, reconnaissance, search & rescue, medical repatriation, combat, etc.

Our communication, navigation, and lighting systems meet the most demanding specifications in terms of safety and segregation. While flexible, robust, and reliable over time, they can operate and perform in all circumstances, including in the harshest mission conditions. 

We can provide turnkey products on an existing base as well as custom solutions on demand according to the avionics architecture of the aircraft.


Our connectivity, communication, and lighting solutions now equip all types of helicopters on the market – single and dual engine, light/medium/heavy, whether they are civil, parapublic or military. 

An overwhelming majority of helicopter manufacturers rely on our flexible and scalable communication solutions, which are adapted to the specific constraints of their platforms. We meet their needs by providing small scale, lightweight, low consumption systems that are actually highly compatible and easy to integrate. Our search and landing lights feature a technology unique to the number of mission-specific helicopters in the fleet. 

We can provide turnkey products on an existing base as well as custom solutions on demand.


Cobham Aerospace Communications provides advanced communication solutions for the full spectrum of business jets in close partnership with such major OEMs as Gulfstream, Dassault Aviation, Bombardier and Embraer.

Our avionics products are designed to meet the unique set of performance and safety standards required by this type of operator while also satisfying passenger and crew requirements. The business jet market is synonymous with the technological innovation developed by the Cobham Aerospace Communications R&D teams. All our components and systems meet the technical specifications required for TSO and PMA certifications. We provide turnkey as well as tailored products adapted to the specific architectures of each platform. All of our products feature the cyber security protections required by this market and for which expectations are very high.

General aviation

The general aviation segment has a significant share of aircraft operators and users for whom our communication and navigation technologies are now a market standard.

Many Daher, Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus, Embraer, Pilatus, and Piper aircraft are equipped with one or more systems designed and produced by Cobham Aerospace Communications. 

They effectively meet the diverse comfort and safety needs of crews and passengers travelling for business, private, or tourism purposes.

New air mobility

Our group is positioned alongside such emerging new air mobility market stakeholders as eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) or UAV (unmanned air vehicles). Our expertise, innovation efforts and regulatory knowledge enable us to address the new challenges arising as the market integrates players such as Joby Aviation, Lilium, Eve, Archer Aviation, Beta Technologies or, on another type of aircraft, Flying Whales. 

New missions too – air taxi services, drone delivery – require progress on issues involving the safety and reliability of connectivity and the visibility of these aircraft through adapted lighting. They also imply managing the certification processes required by the Federal Aviation Administration, the European Aviation Safety Agency, or Transport Canada. We have the capacity to mobilize our ecosystem to provide connectivity solutions for every type of request, in compliance with regulations and the new platforms being integrated.