Spirit Airlines choisit le système SwiftBroadband de Cobham Aerospace Communications pour le Light Cockpit Satcom (LCS)

The LCS, also known as AVIATOR 200S, is suitable for a wide range of single-aisle and wide-bodied aircraft. Providing secure, segregated Cockpit Safety and Internet Protocol (IP) data and voice communications over the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S) satellite communications network, the AVIATOR 200S system represents a dynamic evolution in aircraft cockpit communications. Compared to previous generation, legacy satellite communication systems, 200S offers two segregated aircraft communication domains, an 80-times increase in data-transfer capacity, as well as safety services-approved ACARS and SATVOICE. Secured by VPN/IPsec, and in addition to expanded communication capabilities, the 200S system offers SWaP (Size, Weight, & Power) metrics superior

to all current SATCOM systems.

The versatile 200S is EASA Certified (TC), paving the way for this Light Cockpit SATCOM installation on Airbus A320 Family, A330, and A350 platforms.
Jen Waterman, Cobham Aerospace Communications’ Vice President, Americas, said: “Cobham is proud to note that the Spirit partnership will allow the first installations of AVIATOR 200S on A320 aircraft in the Americas. We’re confident that this will set the stage for other carriers to follow suit.”