The best clocks for the right time

Clock Electronic, GPS Synchronized Clocks 2 and 3 ATI
We are renowned leader in the design of GPS Synchronized Clocks for both civil and military aircrafts.Our clocks are designed in accordance with severe technical specifications, have a wide range of functions. Here’s a summary of the main features :

  • Two sizes 2 ATI or 3 ATI
  • GMT time display (Greenwich Mean Time)
  • Local time display (LT)
  • Date display
  • Clock synchronization on GPS data on ARINC 429 bus
  • Chronometer display on a separated display (CHR)
  • Elapsed time display (ET)
  • Flight number display
  • Coded time output on ARINC 429 bus
  • Coded date output on ARINC 429 bus
  • Identification number output on ARINC 429 bus
  • Day / night automatic dimmable backlight
  • Optional NVG compatibility

These features make our clocks versatile and suitable for a wide range of platforms, ensuring accurate timekeeping even during all flight conditions of any missions.

If you have any specific questions or need further information about these clocks in the scope of a linefit, upgrade or retrofit need, feel free to ask!