Cobham Wins Airbus Innovation Award

Award follows successful integration of multiple antenna functions into helicopter fuselage composite.

Cobham Aerospace Communications Dourdan has been awarded a prestigious prize for innovation, by global leading rotary wing manufacturer Airbus Helicopters.

The award-winning design integrates multiple antenna functions within the fuselage’s composite in one place, instead of as many as 20 externally mounted antennas per helicopter, each with complex installation challenges. In the future aircraft manufacturers will be able to acquire the composite structures with Cobham antennas embedded inside, meaning fewer part numbers to procure and assemble. This will lead to quicker production times, elimination of physical damage to external antennas and a more streamlined aesthetic for reduced drag.

Paul Kahn, President, Cobham Communications and Connectivity, commented: “Cobham is committed to working with partners like Airbus to help keep them at the cutting edge of aircraft innovation. This technology has applications beyond helicopters, on fixed wing aircraft and UAVs, where it has the potential to deliver substantial fuel and emissions savings. We look forward to announcing its use on other airframes soon.”

About Cobham Aerospace Communications
Cobham Aerospace Communications is a leading supplier of airborne avionics systems in the fields of satellite communications, audio/radio management, antennas, lights, clocks, and man-machine interfaces. We are an international company with headquarters in Rungis (Paris), France, and operate multiple sites in France, the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Denmark, with sales offices in Singapore, China and India. Through its unique technologies, Cobham Aerospace Communications has established strong and long-standing partnerships with many of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial and regional aircraft; business jets; general aviation aircraft; military trainer, transport, and fighter aircraft; helicopters; and UAVs.

L-R : Tomasz Krysinski, Vice President Research and Innovation, Eiji Kawaishi, Senior Vice President Cobham Aerospace Communications.