Cobham Aerospace Communications displays its Tempest-Certified Audio System at the Bourget

Visit us in Hall 2B, Stand E192 at The Paris AirShow for a preview of our Tempest SDIP standard 27-certified audio system, including the Audio Control Panel (ACP), Audio Management Unit (AMU), and Digital Audio Converter (DAC) components.  Secure-Intercommunication System (S-ICS) is based on new technology allowing Optical Fiber and Ethernet Digital Audio & Data Transport for Secure/Tactical communications.


  • Is TEMPEST SDIP-27 Certified
  • Multi-level /Multi-Domains management
  • DATA Security (ED-203A) SAL 3
  • Audio Management system for Cockpit and Cabin/Cargo
  • Flexible, configurable , Customer customization
  • Warning Generator (2 hours), Arinc 615A, Bite Arinc 604, ED112A, DO214, 
  • Already installed on different aircraft type
  • Digital Audio distribution (Ethernet or /and Optical Fiber connection between AMU-T and ACP-T)
  • Intercommunication between users (up to 6 different inter communication networks)
  • Intercommunication between cockpit and cabin/cargo
  • Radio communication (audio and control management / Civil or military audio means)
  • Operators audio means (headset, Oxygen mask, Hand mike)
  • Public Address and Cabin announcement
  • SATCOM management, Conference mode
  • Management of Public Address and Emergency CALL
  • 3D audio and Speech To text
  • Software and Configuration File Uploading using Arinc 615A and Arinc 615-3
  • Interface with miscellaneous Aircraft systems using various means such as discretes, A429, MIL BUS 1553, RS485, Ethernet, Etc…