Cobham Aerospace Communications contribute its technologies to the success of Flying Whales

Cobham Aerospace Communications has been selected by FLYING WHALES to provide Global Positioning System (GPS) antennas and technologies of GPS Radio Frequency lines that accommodate the specific installation requirements of FLYING WHALES next generation of air cargo transport solution. FLYING WHALES has developed an innovative air vehicle with very low carbon footprint that provides environmentally friendly alternatives for the transportation of heavy freight.

FLYING WHALES decided to collaborate with Cobham Aerospace Communications based on the efficiency and on the reliability of our antenna technology that has proven very successful in many aircraft applications worldwide.

« Cobham Aerospace Communications proposed the product that is the best suited to FLYING WHALES’ innovative design “, said Mr Benoit Beaubier, Program Director at FLYING WHALES ». « We are proud that our technologies enable the next generation of environmentally friendly freighters », said Yves Ambiehl, Vice-President Sales & Marketing at Cobham Aerospace Communications.