Cobham Aerospace Communications and EasyJet have confirmed the delivery of the LCS system on EasyJet’s airbus A320Neo

Cobham Aerospace Communications’ AVIATOR 200S system represents a disruptive evolution in aircraft cockpit communications. Compared to previous legacy systems, AVIATOR 200S offers two separate aircraft communication network domains, up to 80 times the data transfer capacity and approved secure IP based ACARS/SATVOICE safety services with VPN/IPsec. In addition to its extensive communication capabilities, the AVIATOR 200S system offers the best SWaP parameters (size, weight, power) for a SwiftBroadband Safety (SB-S) system. It also supports future i4D/4D trajectory-based operations for continental (SESAR Iris and FAA NextGen) and oceanic use.

We thank EasyJet for trusting Cobham Aerospace Communications !