Qualité et certifications

All our design, production and maintenance facilities hold the necessary certificates to operate in line with our industry highest quality requirements 

Rungis/Troyes Dourdan Cape Town Fullerton Montréal
Quality EN9100 EN9100 AS9100 AS9100 AS9100
Health, Safety, Environment ISO14001 ISO14001 ISO45001
Design ETSO capabilities ETSO capabilities SACAA Part 147 TSO capabilities
Production EASA Part 21G EASA Part 21G SACAA Part 148 PMA capabilities
Maintenance EASA Part 145 14 CFR Part 145 TCCA CAR 573 CCAR 145 UK Part 145 EASA Part 145 14 CFR Part 145 SACAA Part 145 TCCA CAR 573.02 EASA Part 145 CCAR 145 HKCAD CAAS JCAB