Cobham has built its experience in audio & radio management systems for aerospace applications, ranging from general aviation to helicopters, business jets and commercial airliners

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Cobham's radio and audio management solutions are available to answer the demanding environment and operational specificities from small- to wide-body airborne platforms. Linefit or retrofit solutions are available and may be interfaced with most civil and military radios. Cobham's reputation is based on extensive, global experience and proven support of customer programs. 


Based on 60 years of experience, Cobham offers solutions for Audio Management (DACS, AMS), Radio Management (RCU, RMP), Audio & Radio Management (RMS, ARCDU, RAIMS), Aircraft Passenger and Cargo Address System (PCAS) and a wide range of additional equipement, allowing enhanced audio services with warning generator, Satcom dialer, SELCAL, etc. 


Through its Design-for-Environment process, Cobham regularly offers new technologies and products  providing more functional integration while reducing weight, size, and power consumption.


HALT/HASS processes are used during design and production to ensure a high degree of reliability and a reduced probability of in-service failures. This optimization delivers low Life-Cycle Cost solutions for our customers. Cobham Avionics' priority is to ensure the best level of product quality along with a full customer support commitment.

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