From full access to wifi internet and email to in-seat mobile phone and text services. SwiftBroadband connectivity is available on demand covering all major aviation routes, and every hidden island getaway, worldwide, with 99.9% network availability.

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Cobham's range of AVIATOR Satcom systems for the cabin enable voice and data connectivity over Inmarsat SwiftBroadband and Classic Services for all types and size of aircraft. The AVIATOR SwiftBroadband systems are easy to install and provide simultaneous high-speed data and high-quality voice for applications including email, internet browsing, voice calls, data transmission, ISDN, smartphone connectivity and streaming video.

Business travellers can work from an 'office in the sky,' while specialist government and military missions receive high quality, fast and reliable data and voice services at all times.

AVIATOR SwiftBroadband systems bring broadband connectivity to air transport, business jets and even unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). AVIATOR 700D combines the SwiftBroadband services with classic safety services for the cockpit (e. g. CPDLC) to ensure that both passengers and crew are served from the same system saving space and weight.

The L Band Advantage

Did you know that L Band, such as SwiftBroadband, is far less susceptible to rain fade, providing a solid, dependable connection for your operations. 

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